Solar panel installation, Oving, Chichester, West Sussex.

For this customer in Oving, near Chichester, West Sussex, we designed and installed a solar system comprising of 16 x 245w Sharp solar panels and an SMA 4000TL inverter. This relatively small commercial solar installation on a south facing slate roof of a business unit will achieve a predicted generation of 4300kWhr in its first year. As the premises are occupied all day the tennant is able to utilise the electricity generated by the solar installation and the landlord is benefiting from the feed in tariff (FIT) and the export tariff. The solar panel installation assists in boosting the business green credentials and helps to protect themselves from future electricity price rises. The customer was very happy with the installation from the initial site appraisal, solar system design, installation and final commissioning.

Published on July 9, 2013

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